life is a playground, so live it like a symphony



The first artistic expressions surfaced through rituals: body paint, dance, and music. Today, with artists engaging with new mediums, whether Bill Viola, Andres Serrano, or Andrew Thomas Huang, a truth surfaces: a return to the ritual is only natural.

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GEN ‘18

close to graduation. the time of our lives. saw every sunrise. together as one.

The Key

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I reached out even though I told you I’d never extend my arm. And you escaped my grasp even though you told me you’d always hold on.



Stay I told myself as I turned around. Don’t leave I said as I walked away. Don’t die I yelled as I stepped off. The wind swept up what I cried next. See. My mind is running but my tongue wins the race.





Aren’t you glad it’s over? That you can pack your bags and leave town? Aren’t you glad you’re off? Off on a journey of monsters and flowers? Off on Your Way?

What is it about smoke, light, and mirrors?



(a music video)



You told me to wake up. But how can I do it? How can I wake up to find myself alone, broken in this room?

How can I clear my mind, how can I delete all this bullshit flowing inside my head? See, I find myself typing nonsense by the minute. Trying to connect my thoughts and speak of a mind that doesn’t seem to listen.


These halls. // Foot falls. // Ink splatter. // Textbook cases. // For mind mazes. // Don’t go. // Don’t run. // Don’t climb. // You cannot make it.


How to save a life

Saw a mirror.
Went for it.
How I played the song in my head.
First attempt.


Some highlights of what was…

Model United Nations - Event documentary '17-'18
 "We Believe" - Amnesty International
Biking Across the United States…