life is a playground, so live it like a symphony


 How do you begin writing A Story of You half-way through the changing process?

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I know where I'm going.


Not much of a plot, but I think I’ve found my way.

Found a grounding, a place to stay.

Because all this time I was turning the knob on the stereo.

AM, 102.1. 105.6.


FM, 99.2, 99.7.


_ for a frequency I could wrap myself around and say: we are the same, You and I.

We’ll walk the same path, and live through highs together. And we’ll nurture each other when times are tough and we’ll make a home out of this darkness.

So I found the place where I could tune in, open the windows, and sing these frequencies of life.

To the top of our lungs, together.

Pablo Guarneros