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 How do you begin writing A Story of You half-way through the changing process?

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Summer of '18

Music: “The Happiest Man on Earth” by Tom Chris & Tom


A full moon knows what it’s like to be alone. Stuck in between waxing and waning, mending and breaking, a full moon suffers from periodic cycles.

So I see it on scattered days in this saturated year, and I know:

A full moon reminds me of those nights I swore I’d leave. Its face brings back who I was. Its light offers me a choice on who I want to be. 

Our summer was bound in more than friendship. It was bound in growing older, moving away, and realizing an eclipse in Amsterdam isn’t worth a night without a friend.

A final riddle.  It doesn’t open with a knock.

A final riddle.

It doesn’t open with a knock.

Pablo Guarneros