life is a playground, so live it like a symphony


 How do you begin writing A Story of You half-way through the changing process?

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I went for a run to stand looking out to the ocean

life is beautiful

every second

water touching your skin

air particles to ground you

the colors of days in between

life amazes me

the simple peace of the infinite

where most problems are those we create

live life

an inner peace to hold the rays of energy spewing outward

touching - holding - those around

in love, connection, want of attraction

not in the superficial,

or the individuality preconditioned to apply

more to love in the depths

of everyone that passes by

all energies collide

like waves crashing through clouds of algae fat

like a worn down foot turning red in used-to-be-cold wine

life is a rambling of overflowing emotion

too beautiful to constrain to time

Pablo Guarneros