life is a playground, so live it like a symphony


 How do you begin writing A Story of You half-way through the changing process?

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Together at a distance

Not many people like airports. I do. For one thing, I can create a persona for myself:

the intern who’s making the presentation of his life,

the poet analyzing the leaves of grass,

the filmmaker editing his latest draft.

The options are endless,

and so are the people.

Faces and voices and actions and dresses

A variety of languages, demeanors, and backgrounds

I sit here and think:

Damn, I don’t know anyone. Is the world that big?

As I look at the people,

I witness a multiverse:

how does he treat his friends?

what are her secret aspirations?

did his dad hug him at graduation?

who does she trust?

when was the last time he cried?

what brought them together?

when will they see each other last?

Questions arise everywhere I look. These lives… I only catch glimpses.

I turn on a camera. Let it follow the actors onstage. All to get ready for the journey.

I feel love for the human spirit at airports

i feel beauty.

I feel brother- sister- sibling-hood.

All wanting to love

All loving to dream

All dreaming of

(a blank of many things)

I feel at home at airports because I realize the love I have for the world and its infinite realities. Because in every face, I find myself thinking “wouldn’t it be amazing to be their confidant, their friend?” It’s a humbling experience knowing we are all in these life journeys, together at a distance.

Pablo Guarneros