life is a playground, so live it like a symphony


 How do you begin writing A Story of You half-way through the changing process?

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Seagulls got me thinkin'

Why do we like making life so complicated?

It isn’t.

A seagull flies, wings stretched, through the wind. It soars. Not moving against the wind, but because of it.

You might say that’s the same thing.

But when you say the seagull flies against the wind, you view each beat of its wing as an effort to keep climbing.

Having the seagull move because of the wind unearths the harmony in our peaceful universe.

In this universe, there is no such thing as an incorrect beat of a wing. There is no exact time when you must do it. There are no deadlines, no pressure. There is only the expanse of land, sky, and ocean and a seagull capable of sustaining itself within this space. Higher or lower in the air does not matter. All seagulls fall.

I feel liberated when I contemplate a universe like this. Because I recognize the wealth of Changes in Course. Whatever I do to climb higher doesn't matter. No height is sustainable. Success is as ephemeral as luck; being too hard on yourself can last a lifetime. See, all seagulls look alike from a distance. The only thing that changes is their silhouette: whether they are tense or relaxed, upright or bent down. The way they carry themselves is more important than whatever height they accomplished in the past. In this expanse of land, sky, and ocean, no one records the past. And with a Change of Course present in every direction, the future might not matter either. We’ll keep gliding on.

Maybe I'm writing too much. Maybe I should just enjoy the view, contemplate the land, cast myself adrift, let myself loose, change with the changing winds, break ranks, begin anew.

Stop overcomplicating things.

Life is a game where the ones who win are the ones who play their way.

So I watch the horizon on a 12th-floor balcony with two pints of lemon ice-cream and realize: the universe is too big for us to have a single destination.

Pablo Guarneros