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 How do you begin writing A Story of You half-way through the changing process?

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Dumbing thoughts

My first semester of college is over, and I feel dumber than when I started. 

Because I don't want to finish my coding project, the video, or this post. I no longer read the Economist or keep a daily checklist. I find myself saying “yes, I understand” when my brother tries to explain something, only to realize I don’t care about learning the concept. If you ask me to repeat what you just said, it’s likely I won’t remember the last sentence.

During college did I cultivate dumbness by skimming rather than digesting content? Or did vanity suddenly treat itself to uncertainty? Regardless, after a mediocre diet, my blood sugar is low. I don’t feel as motivated.

I’m entrenched battling my intention. I choose for the long run, yet I languish in the now. I say I am satisfied with the small stuff. Yet I sharpen a dart aimed at the Hollywood bullseye.

These and other reflections make it evident I'm not getting dumber. I’m just giving a rest to politics, science, and history as I deal with who I want to be in this life.

Pablo Guarneros